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One of my biggest priorities when photographing newborns is to make things as easy as possible for my amazing clients. I always say “Just worry about making it to the studio with Baby, and I will take care of everything else!” I have spent years curating the perfect collection of newborn photography props for my clients. I am constantly searching for the next perfect piece to add to my collection. I also have collected a set of outfits for my Every Little Moment Baby Plan Clients. I have a set of rompers for my clients age 6mo-18mo, as well as denim suspender pant sets which are my go to for the little guys!

90% of my prop collection is from one of my all time favorite vendors Cocoa & Blush. I still remember the first set of things I purchased from Jillian. I was hooked! Every since then I have spent one day out of every month waiting for her monthly shop opening so that I can snag the perfect items for my clients. My husband always asks if I have enough tie-backs yet, and the answer will always be no 😀 It is impossible to have too many tie-backs! Fabric Backdrops are from Roses & Ruffles.

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The hike all of the way to Hondo, TX for Shay’s Maternity Pictures was completely worth it! I have been so excited to finally share this blog of fellow photographer, Shay’s, maternity session on the river. Talk about an absolute gorgeous location for one of my photographer besties. I absolutely adore that she wanted to take a dip in the river at the end of her session! I can honestly say there may have been a few close calls where I almost fell into the river myself with my camera and all, and by the time the session was complete my jeans were soaking wet! It was completely worth it and I would do it 100x over!

Each and every time I photography a maternity session it makes me so proud of the Momma. I know there are a million and one things going through their mind, and they probably have a to do list that is a mile long..but taking time out of this time in their life to document their pregnancy is truly something they will look back at and appreciate. So many times I find expectant Mothers hesitant to take maternity pictures because they don’t feel their best in their final trimester, or they don’t look like themselves any more. One of my biggest struggles is convincing them prior to their pictures that they really do look more beautiful than ever. One of the best parts about the session is when expectant mothers see their pictures for the first time and are able to see the beauty in themselves, the beauty that I see, that their husbands see, that the world sees. I absolutely love it when a Mom comes into the studio for her Maternity Session Image Reveal and Ordering Consultation and I get to see their eyes light up! I get to see their excitement, and anticipation in waiting for the arrival of their baby. For many Mom’s this is the final step on their to do list before the arrival of their sweet baby. Once this is complete they feel like they are truly ready to meet their baby.

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The greatest complement in the world is when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph them. I am so incredibly grateful for my friendship with this sweet girl. I have known Shay of Front Porch Photography and Shay Barnett  since my Freshman year at Texas A&M when I first met her when interning with Show Champions Photography. This was before I had even started my own photography business, and we have kept in touch ever since! Shay has even come all of the way to Houston to photograph a wedding with me, and often times I will help her photograph Livestock shows in Hondo.

I was so incredibly excited when Shay said 2 little words to me when we were talking about her maternity pictures… “MILK BATH”…. Commence freak out. I was so incredibly excited. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this session exceeded my expectations by far. Doesn’t Shay look absolutely gorgeous?! So you are probably wondering if she is really laying in a bath tub full of milk, of course! Well it is a mixture of milk, powdered milk, and water..and I can’t forget the flowers. I am so glad Shay was able to find this gorgeous location with Austin White Rock walls and this vintage bath tub.

Oh the possibilities for a Milk Bath Maternity Session are endless! It would be so much fun to incorporate some of your pregnancy cravings into the session! What about a Milk and Cookies bath!  How about Milk and Oreos!

I am so excited to photograph many more Milk Bath Sessions here in Houston, I think this is such a fun and unique take on Maternity Pictures. If you are interested in booking a Milk Bath Session with Designs by Karinda email me at info@designsbykarinda(.)com. or give me a call at (832)598-8715. Session availability through the end of December is extremely limited so contact me early to reserve your date.

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“The phrase ‘Rainbow Baby’ is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean the storm never happened or that we are not still dealing with its aftermath. It means something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy and hope.”

I always send each and every newborn client a questionnaire to fill out before their session. This form helps me get a better idea of their style and the decor in their home and nursery. I also want to get to know them deep down, which allows me to put an entirely different custom spin on the session. I want to know things like the way they feel about welcoming a baby into their family, how their pregnancy has been, and even how welcoming a baby into their family has changed their outlook on life and the world around them. I remember reading this specific session questionnaire and looking through everything and putting together the session the day before they came into the studio just like I always do. The minute Will & Melissa walked in the door it hit me, I remember that they had mentioned this was their rainbow baby and they had experienced loss before they were blessed with this sweet little girl. I had no intention of doing a rainbow image, but literally when they walked into my studio it hit me like a ton of bricks. Something told me I had to create this image for the them. The moment I set down this previous girl and started to photograph her she gave me the biggest most precious yawn, and in that moment I knew that was the picture. To be completely honest with you, I really genuinely told that little voice that said I needed to do this image that I didn’t even have all of the colors of the rainbow for this image..and to my surprise when I walked over to look through all of my wraps, there they were.

The picture that shows so much hope and beauty, after the struggle and the storm. So many days the journey to become parents can be a roller coaster and it can be both emotionally and physically draining. Each and every day so many parents experience loss and struggle with the entire process. We can rest and be assured that God has a greater plan and that there will always be that rainbow at the end…and when that rainbow finally appears, it is a beautiful sight and we can finally lay our heads down at the end of the night knowing that there really is someone watching over us.
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Expectant parents always ask me what they need to do to prepare for their session. The good news is that I have an amazing Client Lounge that is exclusively for my clients, it has a ton of information and takes them through each step of the newborn photography process from how to prepare to what to wear. My number one priority as a photographer is to make the newborn photography process as simple as possible for my clients. Part of the investment when you choose Designs by Karinda Photography for your newborn portrait session is that I provide everything needed for the session for baby so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! Lets be honest, the last few months of pregnancy can be hectic enough completing last minute tasks and the last thing you need to worry about is your pictures. The first thing I as my clients to do once they book is fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire asks things about their home decor, nursery, and even what their goals are for the session. We also ask if there are any specific images that they have seen on our website or blog that they LOVE. I take the information provided in this form and use that to put together set ups based on my clients loves and style. I want to make sure that I can provide you with beautiful images that can be displayed in any room of your home.

The day before the session I go to the studio and set up the entire session, this typically includes 3 different set ups of baby by themselves and then parent and sibling images. I choose our set ups from our HUGE selection of blankets, wraps, tie backs, rompers, and shorts designed specifically for newborn portraiture. Often times I find that the outfits that are readily available at stores or online are not suited very well for newborn portraits because they do not fit properly. Most of the props I have at the studio are custom made for our studio and are one of a kind items. It is essential that everything we use during the newborn session fits properly and is simple enough to allow the baby to be the focus of the images. My goal for each session is to create a cohesive session with timeless images that will be treasured for a lifetime in a safe environment. If there is an item or outfit that you have at home and would like to include in the session please send us a picture of it prior to the session so that we can plan accordingly. I adore this mermaid tail knit blanket that Miss Ariel’s mom brought to her session, it truly does make her session one of a kind.

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