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Miss Tinley’s Newborn Session was absolutely the best. Ok, so that may be because she is my niece, and I am a little biased. It was so much fun getting to photograph my sister’s third child, especially since her son Cash was one of the first newborns that I photographed. I had to start the blog post with my favorite image of the three of them, because lets me honest, getting a 2 year old little boy who loves to run and play to lay on the ground and snuggle with both of his sisters can be pretty tough. Luckily, Cash loves his baby sister..and even though it has been nearly 3 months since we took these pictures he still loves on his baby sister every moment that he is around her. My favorite is when he leans over and says “Love you Tinley” with the biggest grin on his face. JoLeigh was such a good helper making sure that Tinley was safe and sound in her arms and totally eats up being in front of the camera. It is truly amazing to see how much both of these big siblings love their little sister.

One of the biggest questions I get from parents with multiple children is “How should I dress my older children for pictures?” Luckily, this one is super simple. For little boys I recommend a pair of jeans, and then they can go shirtless for a nice and natural look..because lets be honest, most little boys prefer to run around without a shirt on anyways! If they want to wear a shirt or for older boys, it a nice soft snug fitting long sleeve shirt that is free of buttons is key. The other key to dressing siblings is to have them dressed in neutral and soft colors. When you think of neutral colors go for cream, grey, navy blue, dark burgundy, or soft colors such as very light pinks or blues. Make sure to stay away from bright tones or color such as red, orange, or yellow. Soft colors and neutrals work well with a newborn baby’s soft and delicate skin tone. For little girls we have wraps in the studio that we can use to wrap them up in. If you would like to bring clothes again stay within the soft and neutral colors I described above and make sure to keep with solid colors so that the focus is on the baby and big sister. Dresses in solid colors, or even just jeans with a solid long sleeve t shirt work well. Again make sure that when choosing clothing for your children to wear in photographs that they clothing fits them well, as clothing that is too large tends to bunch up and will photograph poorly. I love helping clients in selecting the perfect clothing for their family, and always encourage families to send images of any outfits they are considering wearing to their newborn session prior to the session so that I can guide them in making the perfect selection. All of my clients also receive access to our exclusive client lounge with a ton of tips and trick for selecting clothing for their newborn session.

Oh and as always, you don’t ever have to worry about bringing anything for Baby to wear! We take care of that and I promise we have a ton of headbands and wraps to match any colors your family chooses to wear to their newborn session.

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I am so incredibly excited to share Sammie’s Maternity Pictures from outside of my photography studio in Montgomery. It is so amazing to get to capture the excitement of expecting Mommas in their final trimester of pregnancy. There are so many emotions happening at this stage of pregnancy from excitement to anticipation, and every emotion in between. I have found that some days there can be a million emotions all at once. Taking the time to do a maternity session is a great way to take a break from all craziness that can come along with waiting for the arrival of your baby and just take a day for yourself. I am always here to help plan the session from the location to your outfits and always encourage clients to send us images of different outfits so that we can help in selecting the perfect clothing for the session. I also can arrange for hair and makeup to be done at the studio prior to the session if you want a complete pampering experience at your session.

When booking your newborn session you will have the option of adding on a maternity session, when you go this route you receive a discount on your maternity session fee. I adore newborn sessions, but I truly LOVE getting able to capture the entire process from pregnancy to newborn and even your entire baby’s first year!! I love to tell stories and being able to look back at my client’s entire first year of images and see their story is truly the greatest feeling there is. Our Baby Plan includes a Maternity Session, Newborn, Sitting Up, and One Year session..and and when you book the baby plan you also receive a complementary family session in your baby’s second year of life! The second year of life is so much fun to capture, especially once they start walking, and running around all over the place!! So many of my Baby Plan clients choose to do an album series from each session so at the end of their plan they have 5 different volumes of albums to share with friends and family and can continue to grow their album collection each year when they update their family pictures! How amazing would that be to look back one day and have an album from each year of your child’s life so that you can remember each and every one of those years. My favorite part about pictures is being able to look back at an image and remember exactly how you were feeling in that exact moment in time. It truly is amazing the power that an image has to transport you back in time and bring back those same emotions.

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Today’s blog post is going to start with parent images, because I am seriously in love with these images of Baby Houston and his parents. I love it when I get to photograph new parents with their precious little babies. It is truly amazing how fast newborns grow and having these memories of when they fit perfectly into Dad’s hands, or could lay in the palms of Mom’s hands is truly an amazing time to remember. Parent images are some of the most popular images that I find my clients displaying on their walls as Canvas Gallery Wraps or Framed Wall Portraits. As a new parent you really do cherish being able to remember this precious time. I also have to give huge credit to Sammie for picking out such fabulous clothes for their images! She stuck with gorgeous cream colors that perfectly complemented each other and went so well with Baby Houston’s skin tone, not to mention the backdrop we chose to use worked amazingly with this cream color. Each client that books receives access to our client lounge where they receive a ton of tips and tricks or an extremely successful newborn session. One of my favorite parts about our client lounge is the “What to Wear to Your Newborn Session” Guide that is full of images of different home interiors and gives suggestions on what type of colors to wear to your newborn session based on what the decor in your home looks like. We want to make sure each and every step of the newborn photography process is pain free and easy for new parents, as we like to say the only thing you need to remember to bring to your session is your baby and yourself…we take care of everything! I absolutely love getting to design and plan each client’s session based on the information they provide in their newborn session questionnaire. It was super important to incorporate Baby Houston’s Dad’s Military Uniform into his session, and I love that Sammie ordered the perfect little uniform to match for his pictures. I know that one day when Houston grows up he will look back and cherish these images of himself and his Dad, and be so proud of the sacrifices that his Dad made for our country.

Thank you for your service!

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Please keep in mind that the baby’s safety is our #1 priority. Many times images of newborns are created as composites where we combine multiple images into one. Please do not attempt to above image with the newborn and dog without proper newborn safety taken into consideration. This image was created by merging two separate images so that the baby was not at risk of being knocked out of the basket.

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Baby H’s parents just visited me at the studio for their viewing and ordering consultation where they got to look through all of their images from their Maternity Session and Newborn Session at my studio in Montgomery,TX. They picked out the most precious image to display as a canvas on the walls of their home. I absolutely adore this sweet boy and his parents. Baby H made his grand entrance into this world just a tiny bit early, but you would never know with those cute little baby cheeks and his perfect hair. I am obsessed with the little Newborn Army outfit that his Mom brought along.

We are now booking newborn sessions from July-October, email us at to schedule your session. We only accept one due date each week so it is important that you schedule your session early to ensure we are available for your due date.


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I am so excited for our sweet friends and neighbors Christal & Vance with Sweet Wood Joinery. I stopped by their booth at the Montgomery Antique Festival today on the way home from Texas School in Dallas. I spent an entire week learning newborn photography from the fabulous Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images.

Sweet Wood Joinery specializes in gorgeous wooden cutting and serving boards as well as specialty furniture such as farmhouse tables and they even have a barn door console that is AMAZING. Their cutting and serving boards can be customized and make the perfect gift for the perfect gift for any special person in your life or even for a wedding gift!

Make sure you stop by and visit them in the large tent directly next door to The Cozy Grape in Montgomery,TX. Just look for the gorgeous wood!! They will be there Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday Sunday from 10am-4pm.

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