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Montgomery, TX Wedding Photographer | Rustic Barn Wedding

I am totally in love with every single detail of Curtis & Morgan’s rustic barn wedding at Moffitt Oaks in Tomball,TX. I met Morgan at the Moffitt Oaks Open House this past year, the moment I met Morgan and her parents I remember thinking how much  I loved them. I think I may have had a bride crush, yes this is a real thing as a photographer. Every once and a while you meet that bride and you just know her wedding will be awesome. The fact that she was an Aggie didn’t hurt either. Whoop! Each and every time I photograph a wedding there is that bitter sweet moment at the end knowing that my time with my couples is over, and this wedding was no exception. It has been such an amazing year getting to know not only Morgan & Curtis but their families as well. This wedding was an emotional wedding full of tears of happiness with a little bit of sadness mixed in especially from the maid of honor and best man who gave emotional toasts, I bet there will be a ton of visits to Boston because I don’t see these two staying away from Morgan and Curtis for very long. Oh and I can’t forget, the surprise dance by Curtis and his Groomsmen to Footloose!

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I have to share the sweet review I just received from Morgan.

“I first met Karinda at an open house for Moffitt Oaks. I had spoken to a few wedding photographers before, and was definitely interested in a few of them, but something made me stop at her booth. She was so incredibly sweet, and, although she was out of our price range, my mom and I knew we had to make it work. Her sample work was phenomenal, and we could tell she would be great to work with.

Our engagement session with Karinda was a blast! She made both my fiancé and I feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Karinda even took suggestions from me about poses I had found and wanted to try. One such pose was of my fiancé and I sitting in a tree and the picture being of us from our knees down. (I know this may sound silly, but it’s a really cool picture.) When we met Karinda to look at the proofs from our engagement session, I was completely in love with this photo. Unfortunately, my mother did not see a need for a picture of our feet, and I was in college and completely broke, so I could not have this picture. Karinda could tell how much I loved this photo, so when she met with me to give me the engagement pictures we ordered, she completely surprised me with a free CANVAS of this photo. Yes, I said canvas. I was so touched by her generosity, and that is something I will never forget.

Karinda’s personality and friendliness did not change at all between the engagement session and the wedding. She was always there when I had a question, no matter how silly. In fact, I almost had a major freak out about a week before the wedding, because it was supposed to rain all day. Karinda helped calm me down immensely by telling me all kinds of fun ideas we could do with rainboots and umbrellas if it rained. She truly saved me and my family from a major anxiety attack. (By the way, it ended up not raining.)

Our wedding pictures are gorgeous. I could not be happier with the way they turned out. And the presentation of our photos to us was great, too. The little custom box, prints, and flashdrive (with ALL of the photos taken at the wedding) were so adorable and special.”

I could never say enough kind words about Karinda as both a person and a photographer. If you are searching for a photographer, I say stop right here. You found her.

Photographer: Designs by Karinda Venue: Moffitt Oaks

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 Designs by Karinda Photography specializes in wedding, newborn, and child photography in Montgomery, Texas and surrounding areas including but not limited to The Woodlands and Magnolia.

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  • Jill - What a beautiful wedding! Great job capturing it!ReplyCancel

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  • Mary Beth - What absolutely fun wedding photography! You can tell they were completely at ease while you worked! :) Beautiful couple, and that dress!!! WOW!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Clouse - This wedding is absolutely gorgeous! The barn setting, the small details, you captured so many beautiful images. This Montgomery, Texas couple must be thrilled to have so many memories captured. Your wedding photography is truly a talent and to read the response back from the bride is just a reassurance that you provide only the best to all of your clients in Montgomery Texas and the surrounding areas. Beautiful work.ReplyCancel

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